Transact, Socially Connect & Create Wealth

Knoxxi platform converts the daily activities of the average African to wealth. It offers a suite of services that caters and aids the convenient fulfillment of everyday activities and transactions performed by individuals. It empowers people to socialize and maximize value from their collective actions; create wealth and have access to a predictive platform that let them live life to the fullest.


Friends and Family make up the best teammates. Invite your loved ones to join you on Knoxxi and experience the exponential power of collective actions, group activities on your net worth. Knoxxi redefines relationships by creating true value and benefit from your social influence and networks.

Banking Services


Create personalized investment accounts that meet your investment goals. Knoxxi offers fixed deposit investment packages that are safe, secure and risk free with interest rates that are higher than the prevailing treasury bill rates ensuring your pennies sprout towards a bountiful harvest.

Knoxxi Save

Want up to 7% interest on your savings? Save any amount and manage your funds any day, anytime on Knoxxi. Knoxxi allows you save even on a micro-scale, be it monies, change and cash-backs daily or as frequently as you wish ensuring they deliver increment yield to you.

Knoxxi Loan

Broke until Pay Day? Would like a loan without the traditional hassle or paperwork? Request for an instant pre-approved micro-loan and receive the cash instantly. Knoxxi gives you the peace and freedom to live life as you desire by giving you the choice of when and how you want to pay us back.

Buy Airtime

Break the limits on talk time. Knoxxi gives you 24-hour access to instant airtime from over 270 mobile networks around the world. Knoxxi delivers convenience yet rewards you for experiencing a hassle free utility.

Send Money

You don’t need to visit a bank or leave the comfort of your home or office to send or receive money. Knoxxi simplifies the exchange of monies from any source to another. It allows you send money to a Bank Account, Mobile Money wallet or Knoxxi Account from any of the sources securely.


No Counts. No Swipes. No Contact. No Wallet. Experience the innovative power of KnoxxiPay that allow you pay securely and easily for goods or services in person or online real-time without the hassle of card data entry, cash counting, card swiping or reaching for your wallet.


Red lights can take 35 seconds or more, Knoxxi BillPay takes less than 10 seconds. Make scheduled and prompt payments for all your bills or subscriptions. No Queues, No Traffic and No distance covered.