Knoxxi Partners

Knoxxi is keen on forging strategic relationships with businesses across Africa with the mission to drive collaborative social and financial inclusion for the African population. Knoxxi supports and positions to drive businesses across diverse industries regardless of size or scale. Knoxxi works with businesses to achieve its goals, desired ROI and growth through innovative value added services, rewards & loyalty, payment processing, analytics and transaction fulfillment across multiple channels in a social ecosystem. Some of our key strategic partners include:

Vivantti licensed by Bank of Ghana ( BoG Code: 000384) leverages on its strategic relationship with its partner Knoxxi to forge a solid financial services institution to meet its clients and customers at the point of their need. The Vivantti-Knoxxi partnership catalyzes lasting change, creating an ecosystem in which the unbanked and under-banked have the chance to seize control of their own lives. We do this with a holistic development approach geared toward inclusion, using tools like micro-savings, micro-loan, micro-insurance, loyalty and rewards, public education, health care and communication. We actively collaborate with social enterprises, service providers and merchants to ensure that we give our clients a Knoxxi experience thereby improving community empowerment.
CoreNett is a bespoke and innovative technology giant operating out of Ghana and several countries in Africa and India. With key expertise in enterprise software development, payment processing, aggregation & value added services, CoreNett has developed robust relationships with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Money Operators (MMOs) and large financial institutions as an aggregator and value added service provider of choice. Knoxxi’s strategic relationship with CoreNett leverages off the expertise, application development, aggregation of value added services and superior support across Africa and India.