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Knoxxi is a social platform that presents a unique opportunity that allows businesses and individuals collaborate, engage, transact and mutually create wealth.

Knoxxi achieves this by empowering businesses to engage people by adding value to their daily lives through their spending habits & patronage coupled with their social influence to form a network that collectively patronize, spend and relate with the business frequently.

The business in turn improve sales, service patronage and market penetration, engage customers through positive and impactful loyalty and/or reward whilst gathering relevant data and trends about the market & their customers.

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Loyalty & Rewards

Knoxxi provides a bespoke yet robust and extensive loyalty and rewards management platform build for enterprise and business users to reach, attract, engage and retain customer through value impacting rewards, campaigns, loyalty and referrals. Knoxxi rewards & loyalty platform is built around impactful and relevant incentives, extensive customization by the business and assured engagement with the customer which is initiated through patronage or other forms of engagement with the business.

Payments & Collections

Run your business with zero hassles with payments. Knoxxi offers secure, robust and highly integrated payment and collections services that allows your business accept debit and credit card payments, Mobile Money payments, cash, instant transfers or innovative smart payment tools such as secure tokens and QR Codes.

Knoxxi payment & collection services are purpose-built for businesses regardless of size to handle your receipts, inventory, and sales reports and provide valuable analytics and feedback.

Proximity Based Marketing

KnoxxiCast our innovative beacon technology is one more way Knoxxi is helping businesses engage with customers and achieve incremental patronage. It's a win-win. Customers benefit from information sent as contextual messages and loyalty driven promotions and offers sent to their mobile devices and the business have an effective way to engage and relate with the customer in a deeper yet non-intrusive way building up increase and growth in sales and patronage.

This service is available as a wide range geo-fence setup or near-proximity campaigns both with remarkable functionalities and powerful tools to help drive the intents and goals.

Insightful Analytics

Knoxxi gives your business rich insights into customer and visitor behavior:

  • Visit or patronage by region, age, gender (relevant demographic data)
  • Customer repeated visits or patronage – Retention Rate
  • Volume of business/turnover per customer
  • Permission customer data – birthday, anniversaries etc.