Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - knoxxi

What is knoxxi?

knoxxi is an intelligent hybrid between a social media and transactional software platform that empowers people to meet like-minded people; create wealth and have access to intuitive technological platform that simplifies life; all in a single package. knoxxi is a suite of services that reflects in our daily lives as to the day-to-day activities/transactions we carry out.

Who can use knoxxi?

Basically EVERYONE! knoxxi is open to everyone who desires to socially connect, transact and create wealth

What are some of the product/features on knoxxi?

Some key services within the knoxxi platform include the:

  • knoxxiSURE which is a micro-insurance service which offers protection for people against specific perils and circumstances in exchange for regular premium payments.
  • knoxxiSave allows both knoxxi users and the numerous services and products providers they patronize on knoxxi contribute towards their savings for future use.
  • knoxxiCredit is an instant, paperless and automated loan system available to knoxxi users that allows users sign up to predefined loan packages or request a personalized loan up to a specific amount (micro-lending) guaranteed by their loyalty points or buddies and/or both.
  • knoxxiCardless is an intelligent transaction fulfillment component within knoxxi that facilitates the fulfillment of transactions without the use of a credit/debit card on an ATM, POS and/or web emanating from unconventional accounts or Mobile Money wallets. Transactions supported include but not limited to ATM withdrawals without an ATM card from your knoxxi account, Purchase and Sales fulfillment on the POS, Online Shopping and Payment on the Web and many more.
  • knoxxiPay facilitates seamless online and offline payments between customers(knoxxi Users) and merchants that are registered on knoxxi all fulfilled without a physical debit/credit card and/or cash exchange.
  • knoxxiTops allows electronic vending of mobile credits or Air Time Credits.

Do you need to pay to signup/register?

No! Sign up on knoxxi is free and will always be

How do I sign up or register?

Subscribers can sign up to knoxxi using either the web or knoxxi Mobile apps. To sign up, a subscriber will have to provide information such as:
  • Name (both first name and last name)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Referrer ID

If a subscriber completes the first phase of the registration, an activation link is sent via email to the email address that was provided. If the email address is successfully validated, a token is sent via SMS to the mobile phone number that was inputted during registration. After token verification, the subscriber is successfully logged in and asked to set a 4 digit transaction PIN.

A valid mobile phone number should be used during signup and landlines numbers should not be used because of the SMS feature associated with knoxxi.

However, certain information and personal details might be required depending on the specific service request of the User

How is knoxxi different?

knoxxi is simply different because it brings true value & meaning to your daily routine. Whilst other social networks don’t reward you for using their platform and/or services, knoxxi aggregates all you need into one simple platform, helps you save and rewards you in terms of loyalty points (Real Currency) which are rewards per transaction, hence, contributing to your economic wellbeing; rewards are of monetary value and are earned per transaction. That is what makes knoxxi different from the rest.

What are the benefits of using knoxxi?

The benefits of using knoxxi are enormous; offers you the opportunity to have access to an array of services including, micro insurance, micro savings/Credits, access to online/offline shops, bouquet of bill payment services, build a network with friends, family and loved ones that impacts your daily living positively, gives you the power to do your business on the move anywhere/anytime.

What are loyalty points?

Loyalty points are rewards (in real currency) you earn for referring another user to knoxxi and also performing transactional services on the Platform. Loyalty points can be utilized within the Platform or cashed out in real money from any accredited knoxxi partner agents or ATMS. Rewards are strictly transactional based.

How are loyalty points earned?

You earn loyalty points in two ways:
  • When you refer someone to use the services on knoxxi, they become your down-lines and you automatically earn loyalty points from them anytime they perform a transaction.
  • When you perform any transactional related activity such as topping up your mobile phone units or patronize KNOXXI associated services.

What is knoxxi referral?

knoxxi referral is the process of introducing new people to the knoxxi platform to use its products and services. By introducing people, you form a referral tree where loyalty points are calculated and earned.

How does the referral logic work?

How the referral logic works is simple; you refer people to use knoxxi's products and services and they become your direct referral or level one referral. Your level one referral also refers people to knoxxi and that becomes an indirect level two referral and a direct referral to your level one referral. The referral logic continues downwards to the 10th level (i.e. you earn one direct referral line and 4 indirect referral lines). Earning from this referral tree system is capped at the 10th level downwards and you earn up to the 10th level. There are no horizontal earnings only vertical. Rewards are also determined by user level of activity within the network

How do I refer people onto knoxxi?

It's simple! Just tell a friend to tell a friend and the chain continues. After you have referred a new person, he / she can use any of the following details that will help them sign up and have a knoxxi account:
  • Referral code (recommended)
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • Note: Your Referral Code can be found on the referral page after you are logged in to the Platform. Mobile Phone Number and Email Address have to be those provided when you registered

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer to knoxxi?

No! It's limitless; you only earn loyalty points up to the 10th level of your referrals.

Do I earn loyalty points from all the people I refer to knoxxi?

Yes, you earn loyalty points from your referrals on the knoxxi platform as long as they perform transactional activities.

What is the depth to which I can earn loyalty points from the referral tree?

You earn loyalty points up to the 10th level (downwards) within your referral tree.

How are loyalty points shared across the referral tree?

That is the magic of knoxxi! The closer your referee is to you, the more loyalty points you earn and also based on their transactional activities. To earn more, refer more people onto the platform

Can a person I refer to knoxxi detach him/herself from me and attach him/herself to a new referrer?

No! Your referral cannot detach himself/herself from your referral tree network. Any dispute in referral cases will be settled by knoxxi administrators

Can I earn loyalty points if I am inactive?

No! Same way you cannot be paid for doing nothing

Are loyalty points redeemable?

Yes, knoxxi loyalty points are fully redeemable and can be either cashed out from a CoreNett Powered Cardless ATM or from participating banks or move funds into a 3rd party Mobile Wallet account such as MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money.

What can I use my loyalty points for?

Loyalty reward points can be used as:
  • Savings (knoxxiSave)
  • Payment for knoxxiSURE premiums
  • Used to perform any transaction on the knoxxi platform

Are the loyalty points displayed in real currency?

Yes! The loyalty points are displayed in real currencies.

Is knoxxi Anti-Money Laundering complaint?

knoxxi is fully compliant with International Laws governing anti-money laundering and also Bank of Ghana's Anti-Money Laundering Laws.

How user-friendly is knoxxi?

knoxxi has intuitive, user friendly interface that is appealing and easy to navigate. You don't need to be a computer professional to use knoxxi. You do not need to be a computer guru to use knoxxi

What is knoxxiSave?

knoxxiSave is the saving account product where a percentage of your loyalty points are saved in a form of a Savings Account with that earns higher interest than the operating market interest values for financial institutions. knoxxiSave is best described as your online and on-the-go bank.

What is knoxxiCredit?

knoxxiCredit is the loan product of the knoxxi Platform which allows subscribers to apply for loans from knoxxi and participating banks using your loyalty points as collateral. knoxxi allows group lending where a group of people come together, and apply for a loan either for themselves or for members within the group. A knoxxi user can also contact another knoxxi user to act as a guarantor on his/her behalf to apply for a loan.

Can I add my mobile wallet to knoxxi?

Yes, other third party mobile wallet accounts such as MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money etc can be added / linked by users to their knoxxi account.

How do I fund my knoxxi Account?

KNOXX wallet can be funded either by:
  • Transferring money from your bank account into your KNOXX account
  • Transferring funds from third party mobile wallet accounts into your KNOXX account

knoxxi is also working continuously to introduce new and simple ways to allow Users fund their knoxxi accounts, these avenues would be communicated to Users once on-stream

Can I transfer funds from my mobile wallet into knoxxi and vice versa?

Yes, knoxxi allows inter-wallet transfers

What is the knoxxi Dashboard?

The knoxxi dashboard is the homepage of the knoxxi Platform where a user is privy to all transactions in his/her account, pull reports, view transactional graphs and performing other knoxxi related activities.

What happens in case I forget my knoxxi password?

In case of forgotten passwords; you can recover your password by invoking the recover password feature where you provide your email address or phone number and a reset email or message is sent to you.

How do I access the knoxxi platform?

You can access knoxxi through any of the following portals:
  • Through mobile applications (mobile apps on Blackberry, Apple iOS, Android, Windows, J2ME and HTML5)
  • Through the web interface
  • Soon to be deployed on USSD

Can I use my 3rd Party Mobile wallets to patronize knoxxi services?


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