About Knoxxi

Knoxxi is formed to connect the world & convert life’s experiences into wealth.

Knoxxi connects the people of Africa through a mobile ecosystem for socializing, transacting and creating wealth by converting life’s experiences to wealth.

Knoxxi achieves this feat by allowing people and businesses connect, transact, and exchange value through the interactions for all of their daily activities. Knoxxi also avail the opportunity for the under-banked, unbanked and bottom of the pyramid (BOP) folks to monetize their daily life’s activities. Knoxxi earnestly desires to birth a truly financial inclusive Africa where people’s economic worth grows proportional to their efforts, transactions, social interactions and exchanges daily.

Our unique offerings in Knoxxi include:

  • The payment platform – which is run by Knoxxi, rewards you every time you use it for a transaction such as paying your bills or buying airtime. This is the only payment platform sorely dedicated to allowing users to convert every transaction activity via the reward which could also be in form of cash back.
  • The social network – where user’s social networking activities and interests are scored, weighted and converted into rewards.
  • A universal reward partnership with all leading brands and businesses.
  • Centralized rewards aggregating system – instead of your various rewards deployed in silos by multiple different businesses or brands, Knoxxi aggregates all of it into a personal account for the user.
  • Financial services - to grow everyday accumulating rewards into personal wealth instead of the rewards merely sitting in your account and deflated by inflation; Once a person has converted an activity, the reward goes into a financial product account on the Knoxxi platform which the person chooses.

Knoxxi’s vision is to become the world’s leading wealth creator for Africans and businesses on the continent.